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Features and Benefits

Optimize ROI in Content Marketing

70% of marketers do not believe their content marketing is effective. However, the content marketing industry is at 145B and growing.

Metricsflow helps you stay ahead of the pack by tracking engagement and helping you measure performance in concrete terms – your ROI.

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Gain an Informational Edge Over Your Competitors

Metricsflow tracks without cookies which means:

  • 50% more insight than analytical tools using cookies
  • Long term tracking that provides more accurate customer behavior data
  • Reliable tracking even for anonymous visitors
  • A less invasive approach that aims to protect

At the end of the day, Metricsflow provides you with more data with greater accuracy so you can trust your analytics and help your visitors trust you. 

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Generate and Nurture Leads with Comprehensive Data

Metricsflow extracts in-depth lead data from your content and transforms this data into meaningful insights so you can enjoy a steady stream of inbound leads AND know how to move them along to the next step in your sales funnel. 

Finally, liberate your sales and marketing teams from the dashboards and give them the data they need to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

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Data-Based Segmentation to Supercharge Conversions

Metricsflow provides you the data to segment your audience based on the only reliable predictor of future behavior, past behavior.

Because no markets are homogeneous and intuition just doesn’t cut it. 

Instead, know the needs of your prospects, identify patterns, and tailor your sales funnels to maximize conversion.

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Increase Sales Velocity

Metricsflow fills in 75% of existing gaps in your CRM and automatically triggers workflows to create a smooth conversion experience.

It’s time to break through the content marketing silo so your sales team can use the data to close leads faster and with greater certainty.

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Learn with Your Audience

Your visitors are self-educating with your content. So should you.

But simply knowing the page views and clicks are not enough.

In contrast, Metricsflow helps you piece together the story behind the numbers so that you can write content your audience can’t wait to read. 

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