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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Metricsflow do?

Metricsflow is a SAAS application developed to enable companies accurately learn the thousands of possible content interactions a visitor may have, across multiple platforms, leading to a final conversion.
A conversion is the point at which a recipient of a marketing message performs a desired action
MetricsFlow’s non-cookie Artificial Intelligence solution follows the buyer’s entire intent journey from the first point of content interaction – no matter when or where the conversions take place by applying a unique digital DNA identifier, capturing 40% more data, more precisely than cookie technology.

What types of integrations can be done with Metricsflow?

We integrate with SalesForce, Hubspot, and can, through API’s work with most CRM software.  Working together, the increased data delivered to the CRM software can be customized to meet very specific client requirements.With the ability to accurately and precisely track thousands of visitor content interactions, clients will learn which combination of content produces the greatest conversion for a particular persona.  This data is extraordinarily valuable to those using any of the top CRM systems.

How much programming time and resources are required to implement the system

The core of the MetricsFlow system requires a few lines of code placed on each web page similar to Google Analytics.  With access to the admin of the clients various social media sites, we use an API to ensure precision tracking of all content on client social media. We work closely with clients to learn exactly how their sales funnel, follow-up, and re-targeting programs are designed to work so the system learns based on the existing expectations.
Clients will then be able to quickly compare their current process and assumptions with precise, accurate and timely data showing exactly how visitors consumed the content leading towards conversion.

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What type of organization is best suited for an A.I. solution that tracks content interactions to predict intent?

Any company who understands that over 57% of the purchase decision is complete before a customer calls a vendor.  Useful, engaging content is how everyone identifies prospective vendors for products and services they are considering for purchase.
Knowing which content has been consumed by whom and when, empowers marketers to improve content effectiveness and identify which content is non-productive, create new content proven to be relevant to the target persona and focus marketing dollars where it counts.
Organizations that are focused on optimizing the sales funnels and customer interactions will find the precise, timely data to be a huge help in optimizing conversions.

Can’t all of this be done with cookies today?

It can to some extent. However, there are three key reasons why cookies are quickly becoming obsolete and a detriment to marketers’ everywhere.

Cookies are generally used to track visitor interactions in the short term. Cookies are very often cleaned off of visitor computers on a regular basis, resulting in over 40% of visitor data being lost.  MetricsFlow Digital DNA is not short term and tracks across multiple platforms delivering 40% more data.
Additionally, cookies are not cross platform, nor mobile friendly, thus do not provide a clear understanding of the visitors total content pathway to conversion.
Lastly, cookies introduce inaccuracy in the data process. Those visiting the site who have visited many times, but whose cookies have been removed are seen as first time visitor from an analytics perspective.

Can we nurture our leads using Metricsflow?

Yes, you can.
Metricsflow shows you a lead’s unique conversion journey and denotes what stage a lead is currently in. This information allows your sales team to pick up where the lead left off and convert them into paying customers.

Can you profile and segment web buyers?

Absolutely! We track the buyer’s entire journey from the first point of interaction with your content to when they convert using their unique digitalDNA.
Additionally, Metricsflow uses their engagement behaviors to generate patterns which describe the segments of your audience more precisely.  

Can you learn about users that use an ad blocker?

Yes we can!
Cookie tracking creates information gaps because 30% of devices use ad blockers and 40% of users delete cookies monthly.  
A cookie is a small text file created by a website that is stored on the user’s computer either temporarily during the session or permanently on the hard disk. Cookies let website recognize you and keep track of your preferences.
Instead of relying on cookies, Metricsflow uses pattern recognition to learn and predict user behaviors. This is less invasive and allows us to profile and segment the entire buyer’s journey with greater precision.