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by Isaac Adejuwon November. 02, 17 3 Comments

I first fell in love with content marketing while I was an engineering student at Memorial University in St. John’s NL. This is a province with beautiful tourist scenery and rich history like being 400 miles off the coast of Newfoundland, the site where the mighty Titanic sank. The Signal Hill is also close-by, a location where the first transatlantic wireless transmission was carried out for the first time in the world.

As an ECE (Electrical and Engineering) student in 2013, I was interested in learning about digital media content and consumer behavior; to understand how and why content could effectively communicate and educate a buyer to the point where they make a buying decision. My curiosity led me to develop a content publishing web platform that reached over 300,000 daily users organically. I was fascinated by my findings and learning experience.

However, the challenge I saw and still see now is that content marketers are not able to measure the effectiveness of their content marketing beyond vanity metrics such as page views and demographics to a point where they can personalize and know which piece of content converts to leads, sales pipeline and revenue in real time. My growing interest made me convert my content platform to a research and development platform that started the development of a non-cookie AI tracking solution that now provides over 50% more actionable insights for B2B content marketers that don’t have a data scientist.

Marketing spend and deliverables are increasing at a rate we have never seen before and tracking it has become a big challenge especially with the exploding rate in content and multiple device usage by buyers. According to a survey conducted by Gartner, CMO spend survey reveals CMO’s growing mandate and accountability to deliver business results in a data driven, digital led world. It predicts that CMOs will spend more on technology than CIOs in 2017 and beyond. A direct quote from its website says:  “Over the past several years, we’ve witnessed an expansion of the CMO mandate, from what was largely a promotional role to what is now often seen as the growth engine for the business,” said Gartner for Marketers research vice president Jake Sorofman.

Based on trends and findings from Metricsflow’s solution and discussions with content marketers, I believe the future for brands is in creating an individualized and personalized content experience for every unique buyer while understanding their communication diversities and intent to build trust and long-lasting relationships to increase a customer life time value.

With the aggressive growth in content marketing industry forecasted by PQ Media (page 29) to reach over $300 billion by 2019, I foresee in the near future that majority of sales roles would be replaced with content marketing. This is because buyers would educate themselves more effectively with content throughout the sales process without needing a sales person to influence their buying decision and buyers would trust and choose brands that educate them with content throughout the buying process.

Though MarTech technology landscape have increased from 150 companies in 2011 to 4,891 in 2017, there is still the need for an intelligent solution to effectively create an individualized and personalized experience for buyers and help markets measure effectiveness of their content marketing to sales funnel in CRM. The high-profile content marketers would need to improve their understanding of their business objectives, lead-nurturing process and conversion strategies to be able to effectively align it with the best data-driven MarTech solution to meet and exceed their targets results. If you are a content marketer and still using Google Analytics for today’s fast paced data driven world……hmm, I digress!

Metricsflow’s vision is to connect brands with their customers using the most personalized and individualized content management and marketing strategies. We provide over 50% actionable insights to content marketers that don’t have a data scientist. Metricsflow is focused on helping content marketers deliver nothing less than the top 25% market-qualified leads to top of their sales funnel.

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