AI is Driving a Content Marketing Revolution

by Isaac Adejuwon March. 10, 18 3 Comments

While a machine can’t yet write a complex white paper, artificial intelligence is having a profound impact on content marketing. It’s a positive impact, I believe. AI enables marketers to fine tune their content and audience targeting at unprecedented efficiency. And these improvements will only accelerate.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, AI is routinely powering a wide range of marketing-related activities. These include PPC, image recognition, customer engagement and insights, as well as varying forms of content creation and curation.

While it’s true that machines are not yet writing long-form content, short-form content like social posts, marketing emails, even brief news articles, are now routinely being crafted by machines. In fact, Gartner predicts that 20% of business content will be machine authored this year.

I agree with marketing blogger Korola Karlson, who says, “Every day your team postpones using innovative AI-powered solutions in your content marketing, you’re losing a competitive edge.”

Before going further, let’s define AI.

Curata’s Content Marketing Director Mitchell Hall offers a useful, if broad, definition in his post, Content Intelligence: The New Frontier of Content Marketing Technology. “AI is an intelligence exhibited by any device that perceives its environment and takes action to maximize its chances of achieving a goal,” Hall writes.

In the same article Paul Roetzer from the Marketing AI Institute concedes AI for marketing is in its infancy. “It’s basically no smarter than a preschooler in a lot of cases. But it can be trained to do one thing exceptionally well, almost super-human, and that is where a lot of companies are focused.”

Dumb or not, enterprises already widely use AI. According to Forbes, 84% of enterprise organizations will implement or expand their use of machine learning/AI in 2018. That’s a staggering number.

Marketers want the content they create to achieve its goal, whether it’s to build awareness, change the perception of a brand or move a prospect closer to a purchase decision. Trial and error is no longer a viable method for dialing in content effectiveness. AI can optimize content marketing in the following ways (and many others).

Conversion Optimization

In content marketing, “conversion” means a user has taken an action that reveals its intent. This can be anything from a form fill to an actual purchase. Machine learning optimizes the effectiveness of content. The more data there is, the better the content refinement to boost conversion.

Process Optimization

AI helps marketers improve their processes to make the most effective use of marketing resource to generate qualified leads.

Actionable Insights

I am often asked by marketers, “ What do we do with the data?” AI mines data for actionable insights that content marketers can use to achieve both immediate and longer term business objectives.

Over the coming weeks we will we will explore these areas and others, in much greater detail, sharing specific use cases, data and outcomes. Keep following this conversation about how AI will transform content marketing.

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