AI is Driving a Content Marketing Revolution
by Isaac Adejuwon March 10, 2018 Content Marketing Analytics

While a machine can’t yet write a complex white paper, artificial intelligence is having a profound impact on content marketing.

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New ERA of Content Personalization
by Isaac Adejuwon November 02, 2017 Content Marketing Analytics

I first fell in love with content marketing while I was an engineering student at Memorial University in St. John’s

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Funnel Analytics
by Isaac Adejuwon March 10, 2017 Content Marketing Analytics

As a content marketer, you’ve heard about a lot of tools and I’m sure you use many of them regularly.

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Lead Nurturing through Content Marketing
by Isaac Adejuwon March 07, 2017 Content Marketing Analytics

For a Content Marketer, it’s all about lead nurturing and conversions. In 2017, and in the previous decade, the traditional

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