Lead Nurturing through Content Marketing

Know which Content Converts to Leads, Pipeline and Revenue

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Revel in lead nurturing + conversion growth


Deep analytics are gathered without using tracking cookies enabling marketers to map the entire journey – from before they convert to after


Measure the impact of each piece of content on every social platform and evaluate how it influences the buyer’s journey


Produce valuable content aligned with the specific needs for both prospects and leads

“We push content onto our channels hoping that it sticks”

– Marketers 

Create focus with Metricsflow

Metricsflow focuses on lead nurturing analytics for marketers. Our solution tracks without the use of cookies and provide you with actionable insights about your lead while they interact with web content. When you have thousands of leads, it’s important to know which ones need your attention and focus. Who is ready to buy? Who is engaged in your brand? Who just wants to browse? Get to the heart of your engaged leads – and know what content they consume throughout their lead journey.

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“ metricsflow helps us get actionable insights to our content marketing campaigns. We are able to profile our leads and manage marketing budget effectively 

Integrat Improve efficiency Accelerate sales

We uniquely track and nurture your leads from the web without the use of cookies and enable your sales team with nurtured and qualified leads ready to close . Our “No Cookie” approach allows us to effectively track your anonymous leads including the 30 percent of users that delete cookies, causing up to 75 percent anonymity in CRM

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